Work at Svea Solar in Sweden.

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This is where it all started. Svea Solar was founded in 2014 in an apartment in Solna, in the northern part of Stockholm. Fast-forward to today and you’ll now find our HQ in Sollentuna along with 27 hubs around the country. We are ambitious and we work hard to reach our goals. At the same time, we find it important to stay humble, to support each other and have fun along the way. We all share a drive to contribute to creating a sustainable environment and it is that drive that has got us this far in a short amount of time. And we’re only getting started. 

We are bringing about a global power shift of epic proportions. We will need your help.

Since 2014, we’ve been on a mission to lead a global power shift to sustainable living by providing a smart, beautiful, and accessible solution to renewable energy. For everyone. 

We look humbly on the task we’ve taken on. It’s a big task, we know. Succeeding in that task all starts with the people. We need amazing people who dare to be brave and who are continuously pushing forward and growing. As our people grow and increase their impact, so can Svea Solar.

The saying goes not to put all your eggs in one basket. But when it comes to saving our environment, that’s exactly what we need to do. We need to put all of our resources into creating a sustainable living and society. We only have one planet. Help us fix that planet.

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Open application.

Can't find the perfect job for you? Don't worry. We're always open to getting to know new people and as we're growing, you might be exactly what we're looking for next! Send an open application by connecting with us and stay up to date with new job postings in Sweden.


What we value.

We always strive towards getting better, more powerful, more convenient. We are positive about the future, not afraid to set high goals and fight our way to a better today for everyone.
We are confident in everything that we do and accomplish, we possess a unique expertise and knowledge about our business, and our customers put their trust in us – because we know our business better than anyone else.
We are forefronters bringing our society new perceptions, a new norm for energy consumption. Shifting power starts with people and by believing in power from the people, we can make a global power shift.

Bergkällavägen 35
192 79 Sollentuna Directions


Godsvägen 8
784 72 Borlänge Directions


Österlånggatan 17
503 31 Borås Directions


Ersbogatan 18
802 93 Gävle Directions


Backa Strandgata 19
422 46 Hisings Backa Directions


Spikgatan 37
302 44 Halmstad Directions


Helsingborg C
252 78 Helsingborg Directions


555 93 Jönköping Directions


Hangarvägen 19
392 41 Kalmar Directions


Östanvindsgatan 1
652 21 Karlstad Directions


Åkerbogatan 20
582 54 Linköping Directions


Cederströmsgatan 4
212 39 Malmö Directions


Nykvarn Arvidsgården 1
542 93 Mariestad Directions


Norrköping Centralstation
602 22 Norrköping Directions


Bergkällavägen 35
192 79 Sollentuna Directions


Redskapsgatan 20
275 39 Sjöbo Directions


Gymnasievägen 24
931 57 Skellefteå Directions

Stockholm City

Sankt Eriksgatan 60
112 34 Stockholm Directions

Stockholm Norr

Bergkällavägen 35
192 79 Sollentuna Directions

Stockholm Syd

Fågelviksvägen 18
145 53 Norsborg Directions


Skönsbergsvägen 63
856 31 Sundsvall Directions


Thure Carlssons väg 5
294 35 Sölvesborg Directions


Frölandsvägen 15a
451 76 Uddevalla Directions


Danmarksgatan 22
753 23 Uppsala Directions


Måleri Väst AB
432 32 Varberg Directions


Ånghammargatan 1B
721 33 Västerås Directions


Sänneholmsvägen 11
352 70 Växjö Directions


Storgatan 18
703 61 Örebro Directions


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