The recruitment process.

Our aim is to create a great experience for our employees in every interaction with Svea Solar, starting with the recruitment process. We aim to keep you informed throughout the process and about our solar revolution too. 

Each recruitment process may differ between roles and locations. As you proceed throughout the process, our recruiters will keep you updated and informed of what a potential next step would be. Below you’ll find the main stages of our recruitment process.

One step at a time to join our solar revolution.

1. Application

Get started by submitting your application. You’re instructed to add your information, resume, and most often answer a couple of questions that are important for the role. When you’ve submitted your application, you should receive a confirmation email within a few hours. 

We usually do selections continuously, so please submit your application as soon as possible

2. Telephone interview

All applications are reviewed thoroughly and the candidates who match the profile best are selected for a telephone interview. This is a short phone call to get to know you better and ask you a few key questions for the role.

3. Interviews

We usually conduct two interviews. The first interview is normally with the recruiter who's responsible for the recruitment process and if you proceed to the second round, you’ll meet with the hiring manager. Prior to each interview, you’ll receive information of whom you’ll meet with and if you have to prepare anything specific.

4. Background check and tests

For most roles, we do background checks and for certain roles, other tests as well. Other tests could be a logic ability or personality test to add another source for assessing your match with the role and team. Prior to a potential background check or test, the recruiter will inform and instruct you on what to do.

5. Reference check

If you’re the final candidate, we’ll check your references. We usually check two or three of your references and of course after you’ve given us the green light to contact them. If you’re unsure of which references are most suitable to give, you’re always welcome to discuss it with the recruiter.

6. Welcome to Svea Solar

Once we’ve given you the great news and you’re ready to join our solar revolution, we’ll automatically put you onboard our onboarding process! To properly introduce and welcome you to Svea Solar, we’ll keep you posted on what to expect and follow up on your development.

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